Live Shows

Red Rocks 2015

Bassnectar returned to  the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado for his 5th annual show run - this time 3 back to back to back nights instead of 2.  Staying consistent with tradition, he premiered many new songs off his new album "Into The Sun"


Madison Square Garden

Bassnectar's largest show to date, Basscenter VIII. Sold out show of approximately 18,000 in attendance.


Red Rocks 2014

First show to showcase all new video content to go along with Bassnectar's new album, "NVSB". Performed at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. Two back to back sold out shows to a crowd of 10,000.





"Double O" Visuals

Commissioned by Bassnectar spring 2015 to create an intense and overwhelming paint-related visual. Paint was mixed and placed in varying ways to create unique looks. Shape layers created and animated in AE to be used as luma mattes.  


"Fire" Visuals

Commissioned by Bassnectar to create fiery visuals for the release of his song "Fire" featuring MARZ.  Shot close-ups of burning steel wool, hay, sticks and wood, which were then staggered and stacked in AE to create a unique mirroring effect. 



Visual piece shot on microscopic lens.

Level Up

Open Up